HR Recruitment for a Car Dealership


StaffHR was contacted by a car dealership that had been without a Human Resources manager and payroll employee for months. Before contacting StaffHR, the dealership had brought in a third-party HR company that attempted to recruit for the positions but failed to find suitable candidates.

The dealership’s senior management tried to manage the HR responsibilities and payroll during this period but their limited time availability resulted in incomplete tasks.


StaffHR met with the dealership's key management to assess the situation and listen to what they considered the key objectives, goals and behavioral traits needed for the ideal candidates. During that meeting, we observed the company's culture to better understand the soft skills the new hires would need to be successful. Soft skills identified included the ability to be flexible to any situation and the need to be an effective communicator.

During the candidate interview process, the StaffHR recruiter was transparent about the pros and cons of the position. After a candidate had a clear understanding of the job position and challenges, the recruiter forwarded their information to the client.


  • Within several days, StaffHR presented a group of candidates for the HR manager and payroll positions.
  • The car dealership was able to fill the two positions and the new employees started two weeks after being selected.
  • Both hires were able to quickly identify the most urgent issues and then execute a plan to resolve these problems. They were both able to clearly articulate their plans to both management and staff throughout the organization.
  • StaffHR's 90-Day Guarantee was offered… "If candidate doesn't work out, we will replace them at no additional charge."


In December of 2018, we were desperately looking for a high-quality human resource manager and payroll processor. We contacted Barry Szabo at Staff HR. Once we signed our contract with his firm, he provided us with candidates to interview within several days.

From the candidates he provided us, we selected our HR manager and payroll processor. Both were highly experienced and within our acceptable wage ranges.

They began employment with us in January of 2019 and we could not be more pleased. They are everything we could have asked for and more. We are quite pleased with the level of professionalism with which they both conduct themselves. We couldn't ask for anything more.

Based on this experience, I would not hesitate to approach Staff HR to assist with our hiring needs and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality help."

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