HR Recruitment for a Consumer Products Manufacturer


A consumer products manufacturer reached out to StaffHR because their current HR manager had moved out of state and was working remotely until a replacement could be hired.

Limiting turnover, providing incentive programs to maintain quality output and improving morale were all key aspects of the company's strategy. But the company wanted to change the culture, and the new HR manager would need to have experience in KPIs, employee engagement and Employee Assistance Programs.


StaffHR had an initial meeting with their key management staff to understand the situation, objectives of the position, goals and the behavioral traits of an ideal candidate.

Client required a person that had the ability to energize others, possess self-confidence and view problems as temporary and surmountable.

After assessing the client's needs, our recruiter narrowed the field and provided them with several candidates to consider. One candidate caught the company's attention because of their experience, and the recruiters initial interview evaluation.


  • During our recruitment phase, there was an unexpected reorganization within the operation and the company decided to look internally for the replacement.
  • Weeks had passed since the initial interview phase and the ideal candidate was in the process of deciding on several other opportunities. Our recruiter took the time to understand the candidate's career aspirations for their next position. The pros and cons of each opportunity were discussed, and it was decided the candidate would re-interview with the consumer products manufacturer. They were able to quickly interview the person and afterwards they extended an offer to the candidate.
  • Within weeks of being hired the HR Manger was able to identify morale issue in the factory and began to execute programs to slow turnover, improve morale and incent people for superior effort


We love our new HR manager. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm motivates others. She is making improvements in the factory to lower turnover and improve morale."

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